P3 Telenotarzt to start in another region in Germany

The P3 Telemedical Assistance for Emergency Services has been successfully used in more than 9,000 emergency missions in Aachen and Euskirchen. Now, the emergency department of the Vorpommern-Greifswald County will also use the innovative P3 solution.

P3 recognized with Airbus Innovation Award

With our free-spirited and creative way of tackling tasks and solutions, we have developed the world’s smallest and lightest halon-free fire extinguisher for aviation.
P3 Connected Car Experience Days 2017 in Berlin

P3 launches first Connected Car Experience Days in Berlin
P3 will start the first P3 Connected Car Experience Days 2017, which will take place in the Classic Remise in Berlin. The industry event addresses manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry. The focus: Requesters, technicians and decision-makers of the respective organisations are invited to experience the services in connected cars.

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