Optus wins the P3 connect Mobile Benchmark 2017 in Australia

P3 and connect, an international telecommunication test magazine for consumers, have named Optus as the “best in test” operator in the latest P3 connect Mobile Benchmark in Australia 2017 - following a series of tests, measuring the quality of network performance and end to end Customer experience, Optus does not only manage to improve on its previous 2016 results by 50 points, but it even passes last year’s winner Telstra in a tight neck-and-neck race.

The great 2017/2018 mobile network test

The leading European telecommunications magazine connect and P3 have once again investigated which are the leading mobile operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – with the utmost effort and customer-oriented testing methodology.

Vodafone wins the P3 connect Mobile Benchmark in Spain for the third time in a row.

Together with our network testing partner connect, we have named Vodafone as the “best in test” operator following our benchmark tests in Spain. With the grade “very good” and a score of 902, Vodafone did best overall with a lead in voice and data.

Connected services in cars reveal room for improvement

The services in connected cars are still mere patchwork. The current offerings do not have a holistic design, nor are they sufficiently reliable and consistent. In short: They do not evoke the users’ enthusiasm. Relatively speaking, BMW offers the best user experience. This is the quintessence of the first P3 Connected Car Experience Days we hosted from October 25 to 27 in Berlin.

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