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Article - 11/18/2013

P3 in Focus Online Article: Wireless Access in Trains

Article - 03/05/2012

P3NA in Electric & Hybrid Vehicle and Technology International

Samit Ghosh describes P3NA's capabilities, customers, and outlook

Article - 06/18/2014

P3 focus on battery expertise

“Underestimating the cell can have fatal consequences“ – an interview with Christoph Theis and Markus Hackmann in the current issue of ATZelektronik.

Article - 12/06/2012

Authorized Test Lab for Qualcomm Technologies

P3 has entered into an agreement with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc to become an authorized test lab (ATL).


Interference Hunting

The Interference Hunting team is specialized in localizing external interference with expert knowledge using high-tech equipment, striving to shut down any interference-emitting device for good.

Interference Hunting
Article - 10/11/2012

P3 in the VDI News

VDI Nachrichten

Article - 06/03/2014

P3 in the new Qualcomm newsletter

For the first time, the latest Qualcomm newsletter dedicates an entire article to P3.

Article - 09/26/2011

The Correct Approach to Risk Prevention with the IPT and P3

The first of two publications based on the joint study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute (IPT) and P3.

Event - 11/07/2012

P3 Hosts Global Webinar on Connected Vehicle Design

Article - 06/28/2013

P3 communications in the Third Generation Partnership Project 3GPP

Article - 06/18/2014

What makes a good network test?

The current edition of connect magazine devotes a three-page interview with P3 General Managers Hakan Ekmen and Peter Seidenberg to the topic of the “network test”.


Interference Hunting - now nationwide

P3 communications' "Interference Hunting" service provides fast localization & shutdown of external interferences - now expanding nationwide