• Duration: 3 days
  • Participants: <10
  • Languages: EN, ES, FR
  • Mode: on-site, remote
  • Pedagogy: real-experience examples & exercises
  • Evalutation: based on interaction & final evaluation

Target group

  • Participants:
    salaries, mid management

  • Prerequisite:


  • Align company goals (Strategy) into actions (Tactics) based on priorities by management​
  • Inter-departmental coordination enhanced because of the constant consultation between various functions within an organization which guarantees effective and sustainable results
  • Provide a PDCA process for managed a sustainable change
  • Initial Situation

  • Ensuring that a company’s strategic goals drive progress and action at every level within that company
  • Eliminating the waste that comes from inconsistent direction and poor communication
  • Introduced Tools

  • Six Sigma DMAIC, Kaizen method, or the PDCA cycle and other continuous improvement strategies
  • Content

  • Vision, mission, and key metrics development within the organization,
  • Breakthrough objectives identification, which are vital and significant changes needed for the organization to achieve its vision,
  • Setting of annual improvement plans, with the flexibility to set short-term plans such as quarterly objectives,
  • Annual objectives deployment, top-to-bottom through a process called catch-ball, which details how the objectives will be shared via two-way communication,
  • Review of results on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, utilizing tools such as a bowing chart,
  • Problem-solving, step 6 looks at objectives missed from step 5, to identify and solve issues,
  • Reflection and learning, taking the idea of constant growth and improvement
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