• Duration: 1 day
  • Participants: <10
  • Languages: EN, ES, FR
  • Mode: on-site
  • Pedagogy: real-experience examples & exercises
  • Evalutation: based on interaction & final evaluation

Target group

  • Participants:
    salaries, mid management

  • Prerequisite:


  • Identify areas of waste in processes and prevent those that are unnecessary​
  • Reduce inventories of raw material, WIP and finished product, as well as determine their obsoleteness, reduce scrap and trash in the process​
  • Increase the efficiency and flexibility of the process, reduce the total cost​​
  • Initial Situation

  • Regulate workflow
  • Use Lean thinking to remove waste from product development
  • Design a Kanban board to visualize your value streams for efficient project management
  • Create ‘pull’ systems to minimize Work In Progress and eliminate waste
  • Apply team Kanban
  • Introduced Tools

  • Material Classification
  • Kanban system
  • VSM Future state
  • VSM Actual state
  • Pull system
  • Continuous Flow
  • Heijunka
  • Content

  • Kanban _ Introduction & history
  • Flow method:
  • Visualization
  • Limit WIP
  • Manage flow
  • Make process policies explicit
  • Implement feedback loops
  • Improve collaboratively, evolve experimentally
  • Kanban Board:​
  • Manage work, not people
  • Production leveling​
  • Feedback loops
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