• Duration: 1- 2 week analysis & execution
  • Participants: <10
  • Languages: EN, ES, FR
  • Mode: on-site
  • Pedagogy: real-experience examples & exercises
  • Evalutation: based on interaction & final evaluation

Target group

  • Participants:
    salaries, mid management

  • Prerequisite:


  • Immediately increase your productivity (P3 avg. improvement 20%)​​
  • Decrease lead time and WIP (work in progress)​
  • Eliminate double handling of material (motion)​​​
  • Decrease labor cost per piece
  • Initial Situation

  • Unbalance workload: Processes running under expectations (low production, high inventory)
  • Wrong layout and workplace design (Improper material flow, high transportation, high work in progress, etc.)
  • Manual activities are balanced by combining operations to obtain the same throughput in the entire process flow
  • By having balanced operations workloads are reduced, providing an immediate productivity increase and eliminating idle time in the process
  • Line balancing helps mitigate turnover issues
  • Teams created for continuous improvements (Kaizen teams)
  • Introduced Tools

  • 5S and workplace design
  • Takt time, cycle time bar chart calculation
  • TIM WOOD – MUDA Analysis
  • Standard working sheet
  • Content

  • Lean Basic Overview (5S basic training, workshop, TIM WOOD deep focus)​
  • Cycle Time / Takt Time / OEE​
  • Manual and machine time (waste & value added)
  • Video Dynamic (times measurement)​
  • Gemba Walk and Analysis​
  • Process measurement​
  • Draw Takt time, cycle time bar chart​​
  • Identify opportunities​
  • Process Combination (Just Do It & Plan)​​
  • Layout optimization​​
  • Line balance project plan
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