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P3 digital services GmbH is a valued end-to-end partner for the effective realization of digitalization projects.


International Management Consulting and innovative Engineering Solutions

P3 digital services GmbH

Together with our clients, we identify the key success factors as early as the development of ideas and the design of projects. Our Design Thinking, UX and Rapid Prototyping experts, together with own developers and IT-architects, enable a fast experience of the digital products. Experienced consultants and Scrum Masters / coaches recognize the challenges of the upcoming transformation and bring reality back into the business case.

Our customers appreciate our deep understanding of the specialist processes and the respective technologies. With our agile DevOps teams, we can realize digital solutions for a wide range of applications in shortest time: Smart Home, Connected Car, IoT, Augmented Reality, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), app and cloudbased solutions, to name a few prominent examples. It goes without saying that we master all state-of-the-art technologies and methods.
If required, these projects are accompanied by our experts in security aspects, organizational capability / change and project management. Thus, we are not not only your service provider for individual trades and solutions but offer you as partner or general contractor the complete realization of your projects.
In large-scale projects, experienced coaches, trainers and rollout managers are available for (worldwide) scaling. For the necessary adaptation of service and support processes, we have access to our experts from the global P3 network.
Due to the successful implementation of various projects and our proactive further development of solutions, we are proud to have the “Microsoft Silver” and “UIpath Partner” status.



How can we use smart cities to fight desolation in the city center? How can smart homes make life for the elderly easier? How can you implement beacon technologies to optimize processes at an airport? How can quality management processes help digitize aircraft manufacturing? These and other questions are the kinds of issues we’re working on in our new digitalization business unit.

Our hardware laboratory develops embedded systems and IoT assemblies like BLTE beacons or smart home components. The P3 app factory develops apps for all mobile operating systems. To ensure our solutions remain in use, our agile development goes hand in hand with internal UX testing and crowd testing. This allows us to continuously update and quickly improve our solutions.
Our data analytics group evaluates the flood of data points inundating us under digitalization. To do so, we use big data tools like Apache Hadoop and visualization tools like Tableau. We’re especially excited about our use of new kinds of algorithms from machine learning. These allow us to gain totally new insights and develop innovative business models.
We ensure the success of our digital solutions through change management and empowering concepts.
Digitalization: We’re not just talking about it, we’re making it happen.

Project Management Services

Large companies have to deal with the challenge of working on many different projects at once. They’re rarely able to manage all these projects like they need to.

Project management skills are a crucial factor for success, but they often get left out of the conversation. Because of this, projects can sometimes run into crises, and have to be brought back on track by spending lots of time and resources. Closing these gaps – and, ideally, avoiding crises altogether in projects – is a key area of competence at P3.
“The way P3 manages projects, while optimizing its customers processes “on the go”, is unique. And the way they provide engineering services, and at the same time improve customer project management – this is something you can only get from P3” said one former Airbus board member. This doesn’t mean that P3 replaces internal management; instead, we enforce the team, empowering them in their daily work.
We use intelligent planning and select the best methods to lay the groundwork for successful project completion. We believe our role is to provide management support for a limited time, then leave our customers stronger and more skilled than when we came on the scene.

Strategy and Process Consulting

“Anytime we see a yard full of pallets, we start to feel right at home.” This is the kind of statement that symbolizes our passion for consulting.

We always strive to stick close to operations, directly implementing concepts and strategies alongside our customers. Our strategy doesn’t stop with Power-Point. That’s just the beginning – we’ve started numerous projects with clients during strategic consulting processes. That’s how our subsidiary P3 systems was formed, for instance. We were commissioned to help increase the efficiency of testing processes at an automotive OEM. Today, P3 tests entertainment systems for many international automotive OEMs in our own testing labs.
The special thing about our consultants is their ability to handle complex technical challenges. Right from the start, we think in terms of tangible solutions. “They have their heads in methods, but their feet on the ground” – just one statement from an international customer. We love to hear these kinds of compliments. We want to be seen as an agent of empowerment. When we talk about complexity management, for instance, we don’t have some academic construct in mind. Instead, we offer a tangible approach that frees our clients from excessive complexity, allowing them to concentrate again on their core value creation process. We don’t use one-size fits all solutions: instead, we offer understanding and empowerment.

Technology Consulting

“What others are with regard to costs, we want to be with regard to quality.” This was one of P3’s founding tenets in 1996. Contrasting these two ideas led us to a third: “Technology Consulting.

”Most of our consultants are engineers. Our expertise is based on deep scientific and technical understanding. This is especially clear in the area of mobile networks. We’re currently working on using them to transmit data and speech – delivering huge quantities of data in real time. Over the last few years, we’ve purposefully expanded our capabilities to become a specialist and partner in all questions related to digitization.
Technology connects us – and it doesn’t stop at industry boundaries. Our areas of expertise are merging over time as well. Whether we’re working on electric mobility, recharging infrastructure, or battery systems – smart homes or smart grids – autonomous systems, cyber-security, or connectivity – in the end, it’s all connected. Technology is what empowers us and binds everything together.
We understand technology. We may be nerds. But we still speak your language.


With roots in RWTH Aachen University, today P3 primarily hires natural scientists and technical employees, and works at the highest levels of technical competence for our customers. We serve the automotive industry as a specialized testing provider for developing electrical and electronic components.

P3’s in-house testing facilities test the most modern equipment systems such as infotainment, controls for alternative drives, or driver assistance.
We handle everything – from individual component or software module tests to subsystem testing or complete systems integration. We are already known worldwide in the telecommunications industry as experts for mobile benchmarks. Every day, our testing engineers are completing test drives all around the globe. The press reports on our results every year, is the biggest mobile network comparison there is.
At the same time, we are supporting mobile phone manufacturers during their development to ensure their devices are functioning. Over the years, we’ve developed not only our technical expertise, but also methods, processes, and tools to make testing more efficient and more flexible.
We’ve also perfected reporting to offer our clients with the greatest possible transparency in evaluating their product maturity. This way our customers can concentrate on developing and operating their products, while we take over quality and development assurance.

Managing Directors of P3 digital services GmbH