P3 osto specializes in providing consulting and support to people and companies during transition processes.


International Management Consulting and innovative Engineering Solutions

P3 osto gmbh

As an international strategy and management consulting firm P3 OSTO makes organisations and people future-proof.
Operating across all industries and disciplines we enable our clients to understand, respect and master organisational complexity. We use our solid methodical foundation to design specific and target-oriented organisational change processes together with our clients which we moderate and support throughout their implementation.

Our change processes are based on our very own scientific system model which to date proves itself in whatever kind of situation it is applied. You can find a detailed explanation of the model on Wikipedia. Moreover, you can find a description of the term Dynaxity there which describes the simultaneous increase of complexity and dynamics as well as the related effects for perception, diagnosis and the management of systems.

On a personal level we offer training programs with the objective of advancing individuals and teams. So an additional benefit of our services is the empowerment of your company and staff to initiate and implement change processes independently in the future.


Project Management Services

Large companies have to deal with the challenge of working on many different projects at once. They’re rarely able to manage all these projects like they need to.

Project management skills are a crucial factor for success, but they often get left out of the conversation. Because of this, projects can sometimes run into crises, and have to be brought back on track by spending lots of time and resources. Closing these gaps – and, ideally, avoiding crises altogether in projects – is a key area of competence at P3.
“The way P3 manages projects, while optimizing its customers processes “on the go”, is unique. And the way they provide engineering services, and at the same time improve customer project management – this is something you can only get from P3” said one former Airbus board member. This doesn’t mean that P3 replaces internal management; instead, we enforce the team, empowering them in their daily work.
We use intelligent planning and select the best methods to lay the groundwork for successful project completion. We believe our role is to provide management support for a limited time, then leave our customers stronger and more skilled than when we came on the scene.

Strategy and Process Consulting

“Anytime we see a yard full of pallets, we start to feel right at home.” This is the kind of statement that symbolizes our passion for consulting.

We always strive to stick close to operations, directly implementing concepts and strategies alongside our customers. Our strategy doesn’t stop with Power-Point. That’s just the beginning – we’ve started numerous projects with clients during strategic consulting processes. That’s how our subsidiary P3 systems was formed, for instance. We were commissioned to help increase the efficiency of testing processes at an automotive OEM. Today, P3 tests entertainment systems for many international automotive OEMs in our own testing labs.
The special thing about our consultants is their ability to handle complex technical challenges. Right from the start, we think in terms of tangible solutions. “They have their heads in methods, but their feet on the ground” – just one statement from an international customer. We love to hear these kinds of compliments. We want to be seen as an agent of empowerment. When we talk about complexity management, for instance, we don’t have some academic construct in mind. Instead, we offer a tangible approach that frees our clients from excessive complexity, allowing them to concentrate again on their core value creation process. We don’t use one-size fits all solutions: instead, we offer understanding and empowerment.

Managing Directors of P3 OSTO Gmbh