17-19 Juli 2018
PlugVolt Battery Seminar in Plymouth, MI, USA
We will take part in this conference on the development of energy storage solutions in Plymouth, MI, USA. Our participation includes a speach of P3 battery expert Jan Wohlmuther. On July 18 at 11:00 am he will present his case study for Technical, Electrochemical & Economic Development of an Automotive Lithium Battery. The event offers in-depth trainings, latest industry updates on use of energy storage systems and plenty of industry networking opportunities. All information about the event is available here.

25 September 2018
P3 DiCo Convention Stuttgart
Enjoy a special day and take a look into the innovation workshop of digital business processes and models. At the DiCo Convention we actively connect you with pioneers and thought leaders in this topic. Further, you can exchange views with players of digital trendsetters like Amazon, Ebay, Otto or Rocket Internet. All information in the DiCo Convention brochure and on the event website.

9-11 October 2018
At the Cobo center in Detroit, the next SAE event "From ADAS to Automated Driving" takes place. Don't miss the speach of our P3 colleague Modar Horani on October 10th, 2 p.m. about the Technical and Market Evaluation of Sensor Fusion Concepts. At this thought-leading event, you’ll join fellow engineers and business managers sharing on all of the technologies driving current progress from driver-controlled vehicles to Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) to fully autonomous vehicles. All information is available here.

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