eExperience Drive Dates

P3 eExperience Drive - a day in the life of an electric vehicle driver.

How does electric driving feel? How and where do you charge an…
P3 Android Automotive, Paris, Düsseldorf

Android Automotive as future of Infotainment- P3 is in

Together with you, P3 develops a customer inspiring infotainment system on the basis of android automotive. Finally your customers can use their familiar service ecosystem in their cars without limits.

Digital Cost Convention | DiCo 2019

How can digital business models, processes and services be radically successful? That is the main question of DiCo 2019.

Expert@P3 | Markus Woland

What does consulting have to do with mechanical engineering and how can this be useful in cell development? Markus Woland, our #frontrunner, deals with cell technology.

Expert@P3 | Thomas Heller

What can P3 do and how can you use our expertise for your projects? Take a great deal of expertise and mix it with many years of experience in specific areas.