• Duration: 2 days
  • Participants: <10
  • Languages: EN, ES, DE, FR
  • Mode: on-site, remote
  • Pedagogy: real-experience examples & exercises
  • Evalutation: based on interaction & final evaluation

Target group

  • Participants:
    Project lead, team actor

  • Prerequisite:


  • Learn the components of stakeholder management, explain typical roles, responsibilities and work steps
  • Learn the work steps of systematic stakeholder management and implement them in a targeted manner in everyday project work
  • Apply various stakeholder management methods in case studies and transfer them to your own work environment
  • Compare different methodological approaches to stakeholder management and decide which approaches are most effective for your project
  • Initial Situation

  • Organize, monitor and improve your relationships with your stakeholders
  • Introduced Tools

  • Communication tools
  • Conflict management
  • Content

  • How to start a project right
  • Are we a TEAM or a Group?
  • Communication
  • DISG Module
  • How to cope with conflicts
  • How to finish a project right
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