Deep Dive: Diversity & Inclusion

Deep Dive: Diversity & Inclusion

Deep Dive: Diversity & Inclusion


26.03.2024 -> 26.03.2024


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Deep Dive: Diversity & Inclusion

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Deep Dive: Diversity & Inclusion


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    Minh Thu NguyenSustainability Consultant


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    Studies show that 65% of millennials say diversity is the most important factor when choosing an employer (source: Egon Zehnder – Leadership Diversity Survey (2019)). The way a company promotes and supports diversity in its organization plays an increasingly important role in attracting and retaining talent. This training is aimed at companies and individuals who want to promote inclusion and attract diverse talent.
    In this training you will learn what is behind diversity and inclusion, both in theory and in practice, and will equip yourself with tools and strategies for fostering an inclusive working environment in your company or team.

    General Learning Objectives

    • You get to know what Diversity & Inclusion is and know the scope and importance of this topic
    • You understand the negative impact a lack of inclusion can have in the business environment
    • You are aware of unconscious barriers that prevent inclusive action
    • You are ready to integrate inclusion into your everyday work and are able to promote an inclusive working environment with the help of certain behaviors

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    Main Focus

    • Definitions of Diversity & Inclusion
    • Relevance of the topic
    • Examples of a lack of diversity and inclusion
    • Possible barriers in diverse teams and how to overcome them
    • Examples of a lack of inclusion in the work context
    • Inclusive teams as pioneers in the world of work
    • Using (behavioral) nudges for inclusion within the team

    Target Group

    Regardless of your experience or level of knowledge, you are invited to take part in this course. This course is suitable for the following target groups, among others:


    • Managers
    • CEOs
    • division and department heads
    • product developers
    • employees in project teams
    • Coaches
    • Managers
    • Team leaders
    • Project managers
    • HR specialists
    • Talent managers
    • Communication and marketing officers


    3.5 hours, interactive live online training
    09:00 am – 1:00 pm
    Time zone: CEST
    Language: English, French, German

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