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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion


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    Laura MessnerSustainability Expert


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    Your Motivation

    • Establishment of an employer brand
    • Need to attract talent and appeal to Millennials
    • Desire to be perceived as an attractive employer

    General Learning Objectives

    • Understanding the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion
    • Learning how to apply inclusive leadership
    • Embedding diversity and inclusion in your organization

    P3 academy

    Main Focus

    Studies show that 65% of Millennials state that diversity is the most important factor when choosing an employer. The way a company manages diversity and embeds it within its organization plays an increasingly important role in attracting and retaining talent.

    Lab I
    • Objectives of the Diversity Journey
    • Introduction to the topic
    • Examples which lack of diversity & inclusion
    • Potential barriers for diversity & inclusion
    • Implementing inclusive leadership

    Lab II
    • Review of Lab I
    • Group exercises on diversity & inclusion
    • Application of nudges to trigger behaviors that help to anchor diversity & inclusion in an organization

    Target Group

    Regardless of your experience, you are welcome to attend this course. The only requirement is a willingness to implement D&I in a team composition and daily performance.

    The training is relevant for the following target groups, among others:

    • Leaders
    • Coaches
    • Managers
    • Team Leads
    • Project Leaders
    • HR Professionals
    • Talent Managers
    • CEOs


    2 days (1 Lab per day)

    Further Information

    Participants: Lab I: 120, Lab II: 25
    Languages: English, French, German
    Mode: Remote with greenroom
    Pedagogy: Training enriched by real-experience examples & exercises
    Evaluation: Based on participants’ interaction and final evaluation

    Introduced Tools:
    • Diversity journey
    • Inclusive leadership

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