Automotive SPICE

Automotive SPICE

We offer all competencies by ourselves: From analysis, development and rollout (of processes, methods & tools) to the official assessment.

Core capabilities

  • Project & program management
  • Improvement projects
  • Process and gap analyses
  • Process development & optimization
  • Process architecture
  • Toolchain
  • Trainings, Coaching & Rollout
  • Assessment preparation
  • Assessments (according to intacs®)
  • Supplier management & taskforce
  • Change management
  • Risk management

Why is Automotive SPICE important?

The digitalization of the vehicle is growing steadily and software is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. The future belongs to the “software-defined vehicle”. At the same time, control units are becoming even more complex, with more functions and increasing connectivity. In addition, customer and regulatory requirements are constantly increasing.
Automotive SPICE helps to meet the increasing challenges and requirements for development and the growing complexity.

What is Automotive SPICE?

Automotive SPICE (also ASPICE) is a standard for the development of ECUs & software in the automotive industry. It was derived from SPICE (ISO 15504/ ISO 330xx) and further developed by leading European OEMs and suppliers. ASPICE-compliant processes represent the state of the art, that is why ASPICE-compliant development is increasingly required and demanded by OEMs while sourcing or awarding contracts.

Do you want to know how mature and compliant your processes are, where you can still improve or what risks you are taking as part of your development?

The introduction of ASPICE-compliant processes helps your company to achieve a structured manner of development: With complete transparency and traceability from requirements via architecture to verification. Manage complex development projects effectively: Systematically transfer strategies into plans and always keep an eye on your target achievement. With the help of continuous monitoring and systematic analysis, you are able to respond to deviations, (quality) problems and risks in a timely and targeted manner and initiate the necessary measures in good time.


Project & program management
We advise and support you in the planning and realization of improvement projects

Process development & optimization
We design your development, management and support processes including suitable methodology and tools

Process architecture & integration of other development standards & approaches
We develop a customized process architecture for you, taking into account other development standards and approaches, also in the context of agile development

Tool expertise
We advise you on tool selection and support you with implementation, customization and migration

Training and coaching of employees
We support and empower your employees in the application of processes, methods and tools

Assessment preparation
We prepare your company and your employees for upcoming assessments in terms of content and methodology

Performing assessments
We carry out formal assessments on your behalf – at your company or at your suppliers

Supplier selection & qualification
We support you in the selection of suitable suppliers and enable them to work compliant to ASPICE. We ensure project progress and process compliance at (critical) suppliers

Change management
We ensure the sustainable establishment of changed processes & methods with the help of a consistent change concept including the accompanying communication

Risk management
We identify and evaluate potential risks in your development and at your suppliers & partners

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