Data Analytics & AI

Data Analytics & AI

We are the pulse of time and bring you into the Digital Age. P3 supports customers to raise the data potential step by step.

Core capabilities

  • Python, R, C#
  • Spark, TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, Theano
  • QuickLink, Tableau
  • AWS, Azure, Watson
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Availability of Parts

Data Analytics – Creating Transparency with P3

In the age of digitalization, data is the new gold, they say. And certainly every company has enough of it. But: Where to start? How to get the most out of the alleged treasure? The problems are numerous: sometimes the relevant data can’t even be found, sometimes it’s outdated, sometimes different data sources are at loggerheads with each other … and so the magic word Big Data quickly becomes a nightmare.

P3 supports you in organizing your data and using it successfully. This may involve new or existing data projects; however, we can also develop a comprehensive data management strategy for you on request and support you in setting up and implementing data hosting solutions. In doing so, we seamlessly adapt our working model to your company – whether agile, ticket-oriented or traditional, what is good is what brings fast, reliable solutions and creates structure.

Interdisciplinary, agile, to the point

In the field of Data Analytics & AI, P3 unites consultants from engineering, computer science and relevant industries such as automotive. That’s why we don’t swim aimlessly in your data lake, but understand the respective customer requirements and wishes. We process your data treasures based on existing processes and our know-how in tools and programming.

P3 uses an easy to understand, clear procedure: First, we identify the relevant data sources of your project question. We link these to create first data visualizations and reports. We then refine the analysis and automate the reporting as quickly as possible, preparing it in an appealing way to make decisions easier in the future.

If desired, we can also extend the data analysis to identify, evaluate and interpret patterns in your inventory data. And we are also happy to elevate data projects to the strategic level by working with you to develop a data management strategy.

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