Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Electric vehicles or business models for charging infrastructure, we are there.

Core capabilities

  • Electric Mobility
  • Battery, Fuel Cell, Hybrid
  • Well-to-wheel Effiziency
  • Energy Change
  • Mobility Change
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Prognosis and Ramp up Calculation
  • Business Models & Business Case

From powertrain to cell: P3 can do e-mobility

New technologies and solutions are developing faster and faster, more and more players are crowding the market, demand is rising higher and higher: the transformation to e-mobility is in full force. Finally!, we say at P3 – but not every manufacturer, OEM or supplier will agree.

The dynamics in the market create enormous pressure and thus prepare the ground for half-baked solutions and wrong decisions. Productions and supply chains have to be set up without even being able to reliably say which technologies will ultimately score, how high the demand will really be, where the raw materials will come from or with whom one can enter into meaningful partnerships.

P3 has been working intensively on electromobility in all these facets and many more since 2008. This has given us a deep understanding of the technologies, production and players, which we continue to develop on a daily basis. This enables us to provide you with comprehensive strategic advice – and thanks to our proven practical relevance, we can also support you in the implementation.

E is for expertise

More than 200 of our consultants, engineers and software specialists are now working on e-mobility. Whether it’s about the technical transformation of powertrain systems, battery cells, the charging infrastructure or specific application scenarios, we are there as a leading technology consultant. In addition, we dedicate ourselves to the market, analyse, prepare studies and participate in research projects.

At the same time, P3 has long been active itself: we invest in battery cell manufacturers, develop module and drive strategies, 48V on-board network architectures and numerous software solutions around e-mobility.

Our customer network includes not only the major car manufacturers and their OEMs and suppliers, but also energy providers, the public sector and the government. Accordingly, we are strong in benchmarking and in looking at complex challenges from the outside to develop solutions.

And that’s a good thing, because according to our current forecasts, the number of e-mobiles on the market will already be 50 percent by 2030.

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