Maximizing potential in the most effective way

Developing people and organization to maximum performance

For us, leadership means

enabling people and organizations to achieve the best possible outcomes and increase the value of the company. In this context, it is particularly necessary to lead oneself first.

Our mission is

to support, develop and empower leaders, managers & entrepreneurs through reflection, enablement and consulting. In this way they can develop, promote and maintain their own potential, the organization and the people they lead in a healthy way.

P3 Performance offers

state-of-the-art leadership development programs, training, workshops, and coaching for individuals and organizations that are looking to expand their leadership skills and improve the results of their organization.

Starting point are specific guiding questions

arising from your company-specific challenges. If the guiding issues are not quite clear, we work out in a well-structured and highly focused “Big Picture Process” individual action bases, fields of operation, a basic strategy and concrete goals by those we measure future success.

Develop, empower and strengthen leaders

The essence of a good leader is the ability to motivate others and oneself

to perform exceptionally well. This is exactly what we at P3 Performance have recognised and internalised.

Based on our comprehensive and profound knowledge,

we bring in our perspectives, solutions and several years of practical and personal leadership experience, in addition to scientific insight.

Important subjects include organizational development,

change, failure culture, business & system coaching, empowerment, psychology, neuroscience and communication.

Our customized and cognitively oriented programs

and learning experiences assist in realizing the full leadership potential. We offer seminars for managers, develop in-house programs and events and are also long-term guides for individuals and teams.

The base is our self-developed P3 competence and performance model for managers.

Always with the focus on supporting the team, the organizations and companies to achieve the best possible results and thus to make a sustainable organization possible.


Corporate & Individual

In-house group seminars for managers

Personal & discreet

Coaching for young and experienced managers

Inspiring & memorable

Organization of events for executives (team events, boot camp, …)

Top level & discreet

Organization of mastermind groups (Leader Circle)

Personal & enhancing

Mentoring and Business Coaching

Empowering & sustainable

Training, support, introduction of leadership-relevant performance topics (e.g. agile leadership, responsible results organization)

Clarity & golden thread

Big Picture

Temporary & effective

Interim Management

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