• Shopfloorstatus at any time & from any location
  • Real-time production data
  • Digital quality documentation

Shopfloor Management

We focus on shop floor areas that provide a high data density – plant monitoring “Performance”, quality documentation “Quality” and maintenance “Maintenance”.
Our objective is to enable the customer and consultants to evaluate the most current data quickly.

Performance: Monitoring of technical assets – active notification (mail, in-app notification) in case of downtimes and anomalies.
Quality: Digitized documentation of product defects & multi-level alert system for exceeded tolerances.
Maintenance: Increased efficiency in maintenance and reduction of downtimes.

Quick Setup

Setup within a few days.
Ready for immediate use
Immediate start of data analysis instead of initiation of data collection.

Easy Integration

Operation is independent of the IT plant infrastructure.

Performance -Module

Direct plant connection with our IoT Connector and sensors enables real-time generation of key indicators (e.g. output, downtimes) for active production control.

Real-time generation of relevant key performance indicators for active production control (including OEE, output quantities, cycle, and downtimes)

Drill-Down allows the systematic analysis of causes for target deviations

Customized dashboards with individual content for different roles (supervisor, production manager, plant manager)

Quality – Module

Direct error recording of quality defects in 3D model incl. immediate evaluation (e.g. Pareto, Heat Maps, Defect Trends).

Direct error mapping in 3D models incl. classification into error patterns and photo documentation

Automatic escalation/workflow support if error limits are exceeded

Web-based analyses and evaluation tools (e.g. Pareto analyses, heat maps) enables the user to identify error causes more efficiently

Maintenance – Module

Complete and standardized recording and reporting of malfunctions and causes, including a “Knowledge database” with existing solutions.

Consistent and standardized recording of malfunctions and causes on mobile devices

“Knowledge Database” for maintenance – option to integrate instructions/videos etc.

Visual display of downtimes and causes in interactive and customizable dashboards


15 Plants / Locations (10 Customer – Region: EU/NAFTA/CN)
> 300 Active Users
Industries: automotive, food & retail


Modular structure + license cost model allows full cost control
Test phase of up to 6 months


Connection to PPS / SAP and manufacturer interfaces possible
Device-independent user interface
Authorizations can be administered by users


Encrypted LTE communication
> 50,000 data records per second possible
Infrastructure EU/ CHN/ NAFTA established


> 99.9 % availability (since first use)
Real-time data available after 1-2 days
Anytime scalable cloud infrastructure (MS Azure, AWS)

All from one source

Through the internal P3 network NeXonic® customers can benefit from further P3 competencies:

Our competent SW Engineers (Onshore / Nearshore) of the P3 digital services enable us to offer customizations (e.g. additional APIs) that can be realized at short notice.
Our Data Analytics experts can support you in the detailed analysis of the collected data.
Our experienced and practice-oriented Operations + Supply Chain consultants can define optimization potentials based on the received data and also accompany their implementation.

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