Rollout Management

Rollout Management

Performance on stage

Core capabilities

  • Project management
  • Interface management
  • Communication strategy
  • Support concept
  • Qualification
  • Change concept
  • Testing concept

No roll out is the same

The aim of companies is the development and distribution of products in order to generate profit.

For this purpose, it usually requires people, material means of production, IT systems, and processes. The task of rollout management is to successfully transfer a product, a process, or an IT system in a business to the masses in a controlled manner.

The challenges that organizations regularly face in the context of digitization are generally influenced by two factors:
Time and cost to achieve efficiency. Factors that can rapidly get out of hand without the expertise in rollout management, as it requires a wide range of skills and these are usually rare or non-existent.

The Performance Team specializes in dealing successfully with those challenges and provides clients with a structured and customized approach involving a wide variety of different competencies.

Planning is important – doing is essential

Managing and executing a rollout can be a challenging business. However, with all on board it will be a success.

We can support with a rollout control system
– What criteria must be fulfilled for the next step?
– Where do we currently stand?
– Are we on the correct path?

We can support with professional rollout managers
– that integrate seamlessly into your organization
– who also simply join in
– who have the intersections in focus
– who get assistance wherever it is needed

We can support you with our expertise in respective rollout business fields, we want to identify ourselves with your product and the target group and not just follow a simple scheme of methods – that our fundamental matter of mindset.


Project management
Management of all units

Interface management
The integration of interface domains

Communication strategy
The manner and scope of communication and information

The common understanding of the terms applied

The procedure for qualifying the people involved

Change concept
Your approaches to implement the changes in the system

MUKU concept
Your approaches to anchoring the changes in the system

Feedback concept
The integration of requirements, improvements, and modification requests from the system

Testing concept
Ensuring the acceptance and function of the developed solution

Support concept
Dealing with problems and questions from the rollout onwards

Implementation with a cross-functional team and clear performance objectives

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