Strategic Purchasing

Strategic Purchasing

Strategic sourcing becomes a success and key factor in a networked and technology-based environment

Core Competencies

  • Benchmark analyses
  • Development and implementation of purchasing strategies
  • Implementation of supplier & commodity group management
  • Standardization of purchasing processes

Strategy in purchasing


Strategic purchasing plays an essential role in the success of a company – We at P3 are at your side with a holistic approach and hands-on support to help you implement your purchasing strategy in the best possible way.

Our focus in strategic purchasing is on:

Market and supplier analyses: Investigation of the market and potential suppliers in order to make well-founded decisions.

Coordination, preparation and execution of awards: Optimization of tenders and award procedures, for better results.

Identification of savings potentials: Cost savings and efficiency increase, as well as the implementation in corresponding measures.

Establishment of strategic partnerships and individual sourcing strategies: Establishing long-term partnerships with selected suppliers and developing individual sourcing strategies.

Continuous improvement of procurement processes: We strive to continuously optimize and improve our procurement processes to ensure effective and efficient procurement.

The goals of strategic purchasing are cost optimization, quality assurance, stabilization of the supply chain, risk minimization and promotion of innovative solutions. With a realignment of purchasing, companies can increase their competitiveness and ensure sustainable success. P3 supports you in setting the course and strategically aligning your purchasing strategy.

Future challenges in purchasing


In an increasingly connected and technology-driven world, the procurement function is gaining an even more critical role in business success. Procurement of the future is facing exciting changes characterized by the use of advanced technologies, the development of global partnerships, the strengthening of supply chains and the integration of sustainability principles. Our goal is to meet these challenges and ensure long-term success. To remain competitive in an ever-changing business world, an agile and future-oriented purchasing organization is key.

For years P3 has successfully accompanied companies on their way to master the challenges of the future. Through our expertise, we can assist you in overcoming upcoming challenges and accompany you into a successful future.


30+customers from different industries, from automotive to energy sector

18%increase of efficiency and effectiveness

150+successfully completed projects in the purchasing environment

15%+savings in purchasing projects

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