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User Experience

Align user needs and business goals. P3 supports, develops and delivers.

Core capabilities

  • UX Academy
  • UX Management - Development of Corporate Strategies
  • UX Process Management
  • UX Methods
  • UX Research
  • UX Testing

User experience – an art that can be trained

The consumer, the unknown animal? Admittedly, consumers have never been as demanding as they are today. From the product to its design and the associated services to the accompanying websites and apps, the range of factors that influence user satisfaction runs the whole gamut. And not only that: the period in which product innovations and trends develop has become breathtakingly short. This leads to enormous challenges for many companies, because they have to cover areas almost overnight that are not even part of their original focus.

The teams at P3 support you in thinking and acting in a customer-oriented way according to the latest standards. We are convinced that the UX – the user experience – must be deeply anchored in your company and the thinking of your employees. If you understand how people think and act, you can generate excitement with your products and services. In order to bring your company into line with this, we naturally don’t let ourselves be left out of the loop – but make sure that the process also becomes an outstanding user experience, especially for your company and your employees.

UX at P3

In our experiential events, we enable participants to take on the perspective of the user. We deepen the new customer-oriented way of thinking in workshops, UX courses and trainings. We then anchor the user experience skills in your company by introducing appropriate methods and tools.

In addition, the P3 teams carry out user-centred problem analyses and work with you to develop new business models or even a corporate strategy in which UX has the right status. If you wish, we can also devote ourselves to your customers, carry out user acceptance tests and conduct usability and user experience tests.

Last but not least, our UX designers are happy to accompany you in the development of cross-disciplinary prototypes. We cover the entire development process from user research and idea generation to interaction concepts. Finally, the results are tested and validated by test subjects or our UX experts.


Design Thinking Workshops
User-centered problem analysis and development of new business models.

User Experience Days
Live events to experience different customer solutions.

UX Academy
Training and development of UX skills on the job.

UX Strategy & Management
Development of user-centered business strategies.

UX Process Management
Implementation of experience design processes.

UX Methods & Tools
Introduction of methods & tools to be integrated into organizations.

UX Research
Realization of comprehensive market researches and user clinics.

UX Design & Prototyping
Development of cross-disciplinary, vivid prototypes.

UX Testing
Realization of user acceptance tests, usability & user experience tests.

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