Banking & Insurance

Digital, customer-oriented processes reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Banking & Insurance

Digital, customer-oriented processes reduce costs and increase efficiency.


P3 trims your processes so you can focus on value creation

As if the financial industry didn't have enough on its plate with overflowing regulation and the low-interest phase, digitalization is creating additional challenges. Digital transformation is forcing companies to be up to date in areas that, at first glance, don't seem to be part of their core business. In fact, however, it is elementary, especially for traditional companies, to dedicate themselves to optimizing their processes in order to successfully compete against newcomers on the market.

P3 supports you to industrialize your processes and to invest the freed capacities in customer care and the development of new products. In doing so, we rely on the harmony of standardization, digitalization, modularization and automation. Exactly as it has long been practiced in industry, whether in the automotive, aircraft or energy sectors.

"That won't work for us," is a common refrain from the financial sector - and yet we have proven exactly the opposite in many, often comprehensive projects with major players. Put us to the test!


Industry and Finance - Expertise from two worlds combined

Whether account opening, construction financing, contract cancellation or interest prolongation, behind the processes of financial service providers there are often countless documents and work steps hidden, which in turn tie up a lot of time and manpower.

P3 structures your process map together with you and defines the main value chains; then we identify all those areas where streamlining is possible. There we set standards and develop modules, so that you can meet the individuality of your customers and free up capacities at the same time. Regulatory issues are always kept strictly in mind - for all financial specific questions we have been cooperating with bank specialists for more than a decade.

In addition, P3 masters all the necessary key technologies for the comprehensive digitization of your bank, including app development, robotic process automation, data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) as well as cloud. In our global network of experts, you will find specialists and solutions for every challenge, no matter how complex - also and especially in the financial sector.

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