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P3 solutions offers expertise in the development and implementation of digital products and services, including the necessary IT security. Read more ...

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We support you in realizing the potentials of digitalization.

P3 End-to-End Orchestration

The holistic view and orchestration of the required functions and components along the digitalization chain is a decisive success factor.

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The increasing digitalization is confronting companies with the challenge of adapting processes and breaking new ground. P3 solutions has in-depth knowledge of assisting companies in designing their digital products, processes and services as partners in the digital transformation.

We develop tailor-made concepts for individual digitalization approaches. We support our customers in every step of the way, either individually or end-to-end, through to full implementation and provide the necessary IT security infrastructure. Be it in the design of frontends and IoT applications, data collection, processing and visualization as well as in the implementation of the gained knowledge in products and processes.

Benefit from our experience in the following industries:

      • Automotive
      • Traffic and Logistics
      • Energy supply
      • Telecommunications

With these P3 competencies we support your digitalization processes:

      • Strategy and organizational development
      • Technology scouting
      • Supplier selection
      • Testing and benchmarking
      • Rollout and Operations
      • Prototyping
      • E2E use-case engineering

In addition, we offer:

      • Project management organization
      • Data analytics
      • Technical advice
      • Process optimization

And for your security needs:

      • Security rating and benchmarking
      • Security consulting
      • Technical security
      • EU-DSGVO / GDPR for Processes and Applications

The focus is on our consulting expertise, but products and services available on the market will also be integrated into the portfolio in order to offer our customers comprehensive support.
In addition, innovative companies can use P3 solutions as a reselling platform for their entry into the market.

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Markus Jordans