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Since 2014 P3 telehealthcare has developed and implemented innovative telemedical solutions for rescue services and disaster prevention institutions. Read more ...

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P3 telehealthcare GmbH

P3 telehealthcare set itself the goal to sustainably increase the quality and efficiency of rescue services through demand- and customer-oriented telemedical services. The service provider successfully brings digital solutions to use along the rescue chain.

The P3 TeleMedic service supports rescue assistants in emergency operations by providing secure and reliable mobile communication with a qualified emergency physician. With the real-time transmission of vital data, photos and videos from the site, rescue assistants or fellow emergency physicians can be supported location-independent without time lag.
The smartphone based alarming application corhelp3r includes qualified first-responders into the rescue care system even before rescue professionals arrive at the patient. In case of a time-critical emergency, registered users within 500 meters of the emergency are notified and navigated to the site. The innovative app supports first-responders audio visually with resuscitation. Corhelp3r can also be used in clinics and other emergency surroundings.
The Preclinical Notification System PreNoS allows transmission of digital information from pre-clinic to clinic to optimize patient transfer and treatment. Digital pre-notification enables early notification of clinic staff about health status and arrival time of a rescued patient.
In addition, P3 telehealthcare offers demand-oriented services for rescue organizations, providers of rescue services, clinics and disaster prevention organizations.
Our interdisciplinary team of engineers, developers and medical professionals work up unique technologies referring to comprehensive competencies and experience from hard- and software development, project management and emergency medicine. Together we find new solutions to today’s challenges in pre-clinical care and work on continuously revising existing products and services. For this purpose, we are oriented towards our customers’ needs and ideas, as well as current and prospective structural requirements. We also always consider the challenges of technical heterogeneity and dynamics in application areas.

Project management
Our success is measured by the success of our customers. When implementing and operating our technologies we emphasize accuracy of fit to existing structures and processes, as well as high user acceptancy. Professional support, supervision of projects and customer service are natural elements of each of our undertakings.

Strategy and process consulting
Together with our customers we develop individual concepts for integrating and establishing telemedical systems and highly available communication solutions. Optimizing the public emergency care is our most important objective. To complement and improve existing processes we use detailed analyses and rely on a mutual understanding of challenges and successes. Throughout consulting processes, we allocate our expertise in rescue services, telemedicine and communication technologies to lead our customers to success.

Technology consulting
With our scientific background and our clustered technical understanding, we support customers and anyone interested when selecting suited systems and products. We believe that direct contact with experts and demonstration of running systems lead to a greater understanding of technologies and supports decision making processes.

Within the framework of implementing telemedical systems, a detailed analysis of existing and available infrastructures and resources is crucial. Especially mobile networks and transmission quality are tested to ensure flawless data transmission. Our team has years of work experience in the mobile communication sector and uses technologies that have especially been developed for measuring mobile networks. Availability and quality are indispensable for effective use of telemedical systems!

Dr. Marie-Thérèse Mennig
Bernd Valentin
Dr. Michael Tobias