Healthy management in times of Corona

by Inanc Karaca, 14.04.2020

Healthy management in times of Corona

by Inanc Karaca, 14.04.2020

Inanc KaracaCorporate Health & Diversity Management


As a trained sports scientist, educator and sports traumatologist / performance physiologist, I have supervised performance athletes in the field of physical and mental fitness for more than 15 years. I was able to incorporate these experiences from competitive sports into innovative concepts for occupational health management and have been supporting companies and organizations in the field of management development and corporate health management for more than 20 years now. Since 2019 I am part of the P3 Performance Team.

In times of the Corona pandemic, the biggest weaknesses of the healthcare sector are now emerging, and entrepreneurs need to develop tailor-made concepts to ensure employee performance. Working models that used to be feasible only with great effort are now suddenly taken for granted. As we can see, new opportunities are emerging to increase the health and motivation of employees. Here are a few hints you should try to consider:

Maintain social interactions with employees

Although virtual contacts (video calls and phone calls) cannot replace social interactions, it is important to maintain them.

Use the time to engage with your employees in direct conversation.
This strengthens your position as a leader.

Re-establish old contacts

Re-enable the existing old private and business contacts. Showing interest in people is a form of appreciation and promotes the relationship, whether private or business.

Find contact with business customers you’ve lost out of focus to learn more about their situation.
This gives you important information about the market and potential customers and emphasizes your leadership role.

Changing the perspective of attention

When we focus our attention on the constant negative news and just talk about it, the fear will increase, and this causes uncertainty. In the end, we are all in the same situation. That can be scary. But we should not increase this fear. This doesn´t mean that we are now looking at the world through the rose-red glasses and lose the reality, but that we accept the situation. We can also draw strength and energy from the positive things in life.

Let your employees reflect and report on successes and positive events.
This strengthens the self-confidence and self-efficacy of your employees.

Providing support and assistance

However, it may also be that the virus can bring us much closer together and help other people. After all, we all face the same problem.

Offer your help and support and show interest in the needs of your employees.
This increases the bond with your company.

Use the situation as an opportunity

Now you can use the time to illuminate different opinions and perspectives and to create extraordinary ideas. This can also lead to reawakening the abilities that lie dormant in us. For example, fluid intelligence – this is the ability to think logically and solve problems. We develop creative solutions and visions and can use them to strengthen ourselves and the company.

Offer weekly creative meetings where you can create new ideas and visions in 30 minutes.
This increases creativity and team feeling.

Invest in your employees

Even if it is difficult in this situation, you should invest in the further training and education of your employees.

Use digital learning platforms and training opportunities for yourself and your employees.
This increases the qualification and the competences of your team and enables new applications for your employees in the near future.


This shows that, especially in times of crisis, not only dangers and risks arise, but also great opportunities and opportunities for entrepreneurs, managers and employees.

We support you in the development and implementation of innovative and digital solutions for your company and empower employees to become more motivated and effective in an appreciative and human way.

In the long term, there is no way around it: the digitization of leadership, health communication, and work.
We believe that people and organizations can achieve their best possible potential and lead themselves and their organization to success. That is our drive!


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