Semiconductor Management

Semiconductor Management

A strong team for holistic advisory services in semiconductor supply chain management

Core competencies

  • Strategic, holistic consulting
  • Implementation of sourcing strategies
  • Technology consulting and roadmap
  • Design of operational business processes
  • Preventive & reactive supply safeguarding
  • Development of semiconductor databases
  • Revaluation of semiconductor portfolio

Semiconductor management – We advise, prevent and shape

Semiconductors are at the heart of any technical product used in our daily life. The intelligence within smartphones, computers, or automobiles is powered by semiconductor components.

Materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) substitute the traditional semiconductor material silicon (Si) within power electronics, enabling more efficient and intelligent devices. Technological advancements, for instance smaller node sizes, according to Moore‘s law, shape future intelligence in electronical appliances.

Technological edge with P3

As P3, we advise our customers within the selection process and the long-term supply strategy of those semiconductors which contribute to their future success.

In order to create and distribute the latest technology products, cutting-edge semiconductors are a necessity. A highly differentiated value chain with numerous players creates a complex environment to secure crucial components. It is our expertise to develop sourcing strategies and align suitable strategic partners. Our customer portfolio includes IDMs, OEMs, and their suppliers.

Based on more than 20 years of supply chain experience, we are specialized in strategic and operational advisory. Our operations and supply chain team unites strong expertise in supplier management and preventive and reactive supply assurance.

Services / Strategy

Purchasing strategy

  • Semiconductor database
  • Contract management
  • Inventory management
  • Market trend analysis
  • Real dual-source (e.g. dual-fab)
  • Organizational benchmark
  • Vertical integration – definition of supply chain processes

    Development strategy

  • Design guidelines
  • Modular semiconductor portfolio
  • Redesign governance process
  • Technology trend analysis

    Partnership strategy

  • Create win-wins within the supply chain (e.g. OEM & Semiconductor manufacturer)
  • Mediation & negotiation playbook
  • Services / Operations

    Task Force Management

  • Short-term supplier tracking
  • Plant allocation management
  • On-site process optimization
  • Escalation governance to semiconductor manufacturers

    Supplier management

  • Supplier risk monitoring
  • Escalation management

    Redesign project management

  • Best practice decision metric (incl. monetary evaluation)
  • Standardized project management tools
  • Services / Technology

    Cost breakdown

  • Component level
  • PCBA-level (printed-circuit-board)

    Technology benchmark

  • Semiconductor-level
  • Component level (e.g. inverter)

    Manufacting concepts

  • Machinery selection
  • Supplier selection
  • Contact people

    Nicolai DillPrincipal OSC


    Mauritz SchwartzPrincipal OSC



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