PFMEA: Failure Mode & Effect Analysis


PFMEA: Failure Mode & Effect Analysis


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PFMEA: Failure Mode & Effect Analysis November 3, 2022 - November 4, 2022


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    Isabelle GalloisSenior Manager


    2 Days Training + Workshop

    11/03/22 - 11/04/22

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    Workshop Overview

    This training is part of a PFMEA workshop

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    General Information

    Training Duration: 2 Days (Part of the workshop)
    Participants: <10

    Target Group: Project Management, Logistics, Process & Quality Engineers, Middle Managers, Supervisors

    Initial Situation

    • Unexpected product defects and rejects that were not identified in the process design verification step
    • Process controls seem to be useless because product defects are reaching final inspection and customer
    • Processes allow operators to make mistakes that affects quality and process controls are not effective in detection
    • Unexpected process failures due to risks that were not identified in the process design verification step

    Schedule / Content

    • Introduction: FMEA definition, types of FMEA. APQP cycle, milestones
    • Inputs, roadmap and outputs: AIAG-VDA FMEA, proposed form, input data and deliverables, FMEA roadmap
    • FMEA team: Teamwork, team composition, team leader roles, roles and responsibilities
    • Input data: Project scope, process description, flowcharts, step-by-step, process functions
    • Risk analysis: Failure modes, effects, Severity values, root causes, Occurrence value, current controls, prevention and detection, Detection
    • Risk management: Prioritizing actions, preventive actions, detection, controls definition
    • Control plan definition

    Top Goals

    • Identify and prevent all potential failures of a process
    • Establish a priority in prevention based on the real risks
    • Develop a process control plan based on the resulting potential risks

    Top Tools

    • Flow diagram, function analysis
    • Characteristics matrix
    • Risk Limiting Method
    • Prioritization matrix, LOP tracker

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