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Value Analysis / Value Engineering


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Value Analysis / Value Engineering November 10, 2022 - November 11, 2022


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    Isabelle GalloisSenior Manager


    2 Days Training


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    “All the proposed training courses are carried out in-house. Customized training courses, tailored to our customers’ needs are designed on request. The training catalogue is currently in progress. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.”

    General Information

    Training Duration: 2 Days
    Participants: <10

    Target Group: Project Management, Process & Quality Engineers, Product Engineers, Middle Managers, Supervisors

    Initial Situation

    • Product – Process – Materials costs over initial budget
    • Newly designed products present difficulties to assemble and manufacture
    • Lack of innovation is driving the repetition of the same errors and problems
    • Poor product performance due to need for balancing performance – cost
    • Difficult maintenance – service operation due to lack of preventive though along the design stage

    Schedule / Content

    • Identify customer needs
      • QFD Phase I
      • Kano model
    • Function Analysis
      • Product Life Cycle Analysis
      • Function Tree Analysis
    • Functional costs analysis
      • BOM costs analysis
      • Functional costs matrix
    • Concept selection
      • Alternative concepts definition
      • Pugh concept selection tool
      • Iterations to define final concept

    Top Goals

    • Identify & eliminate unnecessary product costs
    • Alternative design concepts analysis based on performance and costs.
    • Understand product functional costs
    • Identify design concepts with better performance and lower costs

    Top Tools

    • Function Analysis
    • Functional costs Analysis
    • Concept selection tools

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