eExperience Drive Dates

P3 eExperience Drive – a day in the life of an electric vehicle driver.

How does electric driving feel? How and where do you charge an electric vehicle? And which connected services are required to use them?

Our E-mobility and user experience experts have developed a concept that allows a live-experience around the electric vehicle from a customer’s point of view. At a one-day event, P3 presents six current electric vehicles and enables all participants to take a close look at these vehicles and to experience the entire user journey.

Before the trip:
Strengths and weaknesses are presented, which our experts have evaluated in advance using different test methods. In addition, routes and charging stations are planned for the subsequent journey.

While driving:
Various charging stations are approached and charging processes carried out on the planned route. The driving fun is guaranteed as well.

After the trip:
Once at the destination, driving data can be viewed and a final conclusion can be drawn.

In addition, the event provides an active exchange with other participants as well as networking while having snacks and drinks.

Upon request, we also offer an individual group event.