8D: The 8 Disciplines for Problem Solving


8D: The 8 Disciplines for Problem Solving


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8D: The 8 Disciplines for Problem Solving novembre 17, 2022 - novembre 18, 2022


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    Isabelle GalloisSenior Manager


    2 Days Training

    11/17/22 - 11/18/22

    Standard Ticket

    On Request

    General Note

    “All the proposed training courses are carried out in-house. Customized training courses, tailored to our customers’ needs are designed on request. The training catalogue is currently in progress. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.”

    General Information

    Training Duration: 2 Days
    Participants: <10

    Target Group: Project Management, Process & Quality Engineers, Product Engineers, Middle Managers, Supervisors

    Initial Situation

    • Customer complaints that must be rapidly addressed in a timely manner
    • Quality, production or delivery problems that affect the customer
    • Repetitive problems that should have been already solved
    • Negative customer feedback of 8D Quality
    • First implementation of 8D Methodology into organization

    Schedule / Content

    1. Teamwork
      • Team profiles & phases
      • Meeting rules & first team meeting
    2. 8D Methodology
      • Corrective actions & basic principles
      • The 8D process & organization
      • Application of techniques
    3. Work tools
      • Flowchart / Scatterplot / Control Chart / Cause-effect Diagram / Ishikawa Analysis / 5W/2H / Delta Analysis / Is/Is-not Analysis / 5 Why…
    4. 8D Practical workshop exercises

    Top Goals

    • Definition of a problem based on data instead of using opinions
    • Identification and elimination of the root causes of the problem
    • Development and implementation of preventive actions to eliminate the reoccurrence of the problem

    Top Tools

    • 8D standard working sheets
    • 5W/2H – IS/IS NOT
    • Ishikawa analysis – Delta analysis – 5Why

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