SAFe® 5.0 DevOps Training


SAFe® 5.0 DevOps Training


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SAFe® 5.0 DevOps Training juin 27, 2023 - juin 29, 2023


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    Timo ScharffLean-Agile Transformation Coach, Consultant & Trainer


    Early Bird Ticket (until 21 Days before the event)

    1090,- € (VAT not included)

    Standard Ticket

    1290,- € (VAT not included)

    Target group

    All members of an ART, development and engineering managers and build and release managers; development managers, developers, UI/UX developers, infrastructure and system architects, product managers and product owners, system admins, DBAs, InfoSec, QA managers and testers, RTEs, Scrum masters.

    Why should you book this training?

    • Own practical examples from the automotive industry
    • Effective replacement for face2face situation by proven remote toolset
    • Balanced mix between theory, activities and simulations despite « remote setting »

    General learning objectives

    Participants will gain a solid understanding of DevOps competencies required to shorten time-to-market cycles. The focus is on optimizing value streams through a Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Participants will learn about the SAFe DevOps approach CALMR (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measure, Recover). The goal is to align people, processes, and technologies even better across the organization.

    Content focal points

    • Implement DevOps
    • Record your continuous delivery pipeline
    • Align with continuous requirements engineering
    • Leverage Continuous Integration to improve quality
    • Reduce Time2Market through Continuous Deployment
    • Generate business value quickly through Release on Demand
    • Take responsibility for the overall process

    Timetable (approximately)

    3 days à 5 h. Participants receive a briefing in advance on the training in general and on the corresponding tools used for online training

    June 27th – 1pm to 6pm
    June 28th – 1pm to 6pm
    June 29th – 1pm to 6pm

    Further information on certification

    Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a SAFe® 5.0 DevOps Practitioner certificate.

    • Exam format: multiple choice, web-based
    • Exam access: Participants will be registered with SAI after completing the Scaled Innovation training. You will receive access to the SAFe Community platform and online exam.
    • Exam language: English
    • Exam period: 30 days after completion of the course
    • You will receive sample exam questions

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