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    What you'll do

    Be part of the future mobility! For an exciting project in the context of electric vehicle charging we are looking for a backend developer with 2+ years of experience to support and secure the growth of an charge point management system (CPMS) and also an eMobility Service Provider (eMSP) System in this emerging, high-potential market.
    The aim of the project is to offer enterprise-specific application and service features to corporate customers within CPMS (and in some part to a fleet specific product). We want to drive the development and continuous delivery of features like e.g. rights & roles management, payment related processes & tariff management, adaptations of user interface for large charging parks, reporting & data visualizations for our client in the automotive domain.

    Who you are

    • Deep understanding of Javascript and Node.js
    • Professional Typescript knowledge including awareness of type-safety and utilization of
    • compile-time tooling like decorators
    • Fluent usage of object relational mappers (ORM)
    • Professional expertise in Javascript-based HTTP frameworks (like NestJS, ExpressJS)
    • Hands-on testing mentality paired with a deep know-how of testing utils and methods (unit, end 2 end)
    • Strong module thinking and ability to understand and design complex solution landscapes
    • Profound knowledge of microservice architecture
    • Experience with orchestrating cloud infrastructure (Infrastructure-as-code, Terraform,
    • Docker)
    • Api-first mind-set with a sense for scalability, flexibility but also robustness
    • Professional working with web communication standards (REST, OpenAPI)
    • Firm with running production-ready solutions on one of the cloud platforms Google Cloud
    • Platform, AWS or Azure
    • Firm with Continuous Integration and Continuous Development tools to manage source code, build artifacts and deploy into an infrastructure 

    Good to know

    • Analytical thinking – you cultivated the habit of seeing a problem from multiple perspectives and not jumping to conclusions before looking for solid evidence
    • Solving problems is your driving force, especially when it comes to real business problems
    • You have the ability to work well with others – we truly believe that software development is a team sport and that the best software is made by the best functioning teams
    • You have the level of experience from the professional and technological perspective to teach also juniors in the domain of system development