React Web Frontend Engineer - Charge Point Management System

React Web Frontend Engineer - Charge Point Management System

React Web Frontend Engineer - Charge Point Management SystemAutomotive




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    What you'll do

    Using React to build cloud-native solutions, supporting green energy, and integrating your work with Teslas, Jaguars, Audis and many more prestigious car brands…are your fingertips vibrating yet?

    We do not know if our bones are physically green, but our mission certainly is: to offer the best software solutions for the biggest challenges facing the transition to EVs and renewable energy with our True Smart Charge functionality. As a member of our development team, your tasks will include leading the effort to bring True Smart Charge into all charge points, thereby helping shape True Energy’s charging network. Become an integral part of our international team of electric car, automation and smart grid experts based in several European countries. Grow and develop the foundation for the energy grid of the future while supporting our joint, green transition. All while developing your professional skill set in an organization that prides itself on giving team members responsibility and room to grow.

    Who you are

    • Knowledge of Javascript, Node.js and cross-browser web development
    • Handles and uses front end frameworks (i.e. React.js)
    • Masters at least one big UI Library like Material UI
    • Recognizes and establishes separation of concerns regarding component splitting (Pure UI, Stateful)
    • Puts re-usability and standards in the center of each architecture or refactoring decision
    • Understanding of API/HTTP communication and event streaming (i.e.: RabbitMQ)
    • Very good understanding of browser internals like caching, DOM, rendering, Javascript performance
    • Hands-on testing mentality paired with a deep know-how of testing utils and methods (unit, end 2 end)
    • Strong module thinking and ability to understand and design complex solution landscapes
    • Rough understanding of code bundling/splitting
    • Preferably design affinity and notion of „responsive“ layouts
    • Firm with Continuous Integration and Continuous Development tools to manage source code, build artifacts and deploy into an infrastructure (i.e.: Azure DevOps, Terraform)
    You will get extra credit for
    • E-mobility experience in OCPP, OICP & OCPI protocols, or eMPS & CPO platforms
    • Experience with time-series databases, Kubernetes with Helm & event buses


    • Analytical thinking – you cultivated the habit of seeing a problem from multiple perspectives and not jumping to conclusions before looking for solid evidence
    • Solving problems is your driving force, especially when it comes to real business problems
    • You have the ability to work well with others – we truly believe that software development is a team sport and that the best software is made by the best functioning teams;
    • You have the level of experience from the professional and technological perspective to teach also juniors in the domain of system development