Energy Solutions

Shaping the future: Revolutionary energy solutions as unusual Armin Schnettler Energy Solutions Discover how P3 Energy Solutions is revolutionizing the energy sector with comprehensive expertise and innovative approaches. From deep technical understanding to strategic guidance, we provide customized solutions for a sustainable, reliable, and smart energy future.  Linkedin Envelope Bell Strategic Consulting for Sustainable, Cross-Sectoral […]

Task Force Management

Fast solutions, strong performance Jan Hinrichs Task Force Management At the core of P3 Task Force Management is effective and pragmatic problem-solving for our clients. Combining an extensive network of experts, a rapid response team, and real-time data, we create long-term transparency and enable targeted problem-solving. Our methodology creates process clarity to quickly and effectively […]


Certifications are more than just a piece of “paper”; they result from intelligent standards and minds Thorge Mess CERTIFICATIONS Our approach is based on the belief that certifications are more than just a seal. They are a commitment to the future that we renew with each certification we acquire. We navigate the landscape of regulations […]