+++Top News October/November 2018+++

Taking network testing to the next level

The new Mobile Benchmark Season 2018/2019 reflects P3’s unique holistic approach: applying our new P3 framework to all benchmarks for the first time. What is different? It combines drive- and walk-testing with crowdsourced data from countless billions of real customer experiences. Thus, P3 matches in-depth network quality and performance analysis with real end-user experience adding important dimensions like time, geography or variety in devices and tariff plans.
+++Top News July/August 2018+++

First flight for the automated design of the BelugaXL

It was a great milestone in the 15 years of collaboration between Airbus and P3: After 3.5 years of design, certification and manufacturing work, the smiling BelugaXL prosperously and in time completed its first flight. With 30% additional loading capacity, it provides the potential to ensure internal transport requirements in the future.
+++Top News June 2018+++

P3 supports the implementation of the Comfort Check-in at Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn is taking another step towards digitalization with its new Comfort Check-in. This tool enables passengers to validate their ticket themselves, eliminating the need for ticket inspections since the check-in of the reserved seat will automatically be displayed on the train conductor’s handheld device. P3 supports Deutsche Bahn in the rollout management for the Comfort Check-in during the runup on the DB long-distance traffic fleet. The Comfort Check-in is being implemented step by step in the long-distance trains and will be available in ICE trains starting this June.
+++Top News April 2018+++

P3 opens hub for embedded software in Poland

Together with local software companies, the city and the University of Szczecin, P3 is building a research center for tomorrow's requirements regarding automotive software. The agreements for the "Szczecin Automotive Hub" were signed during a press conference last week in the prestigious building site, Poseidon.
+++Top News December 2017+++

P3 is researching the Digital Quality of the future in the Q-Lab

While P3 has long been known for its competence in quality management, we have quickly developed a reputation for our innovative ideas in the field of digitalization. Quality management representatives from across a range of industries were invited to the P3 Q-Lab Workshop ‘Quality Goes digital’ to envision how digital quality should look in the future.
+++Top News October 2017+++

Mobile networks in worldwide comparison

For more than 15 years, P3 has been testing the networks of mobile phone operators around the world. In 2016 alone, P3 compiled more than 60,000 measurement hours in 65 countries across five continents, with its test vehicles covering almost 1,000,000 kilometres. In addition, we carry out independent network tests in a further 8 countries.

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