Environment & Energy Management Standards

Environment & Energy Management Standards

Environment & Energy Management Standards

Environment & Energy Management Standards

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Environment & Energy Management Standards


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    Inés GarcíaSenior Consultant


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    Your Motivation

    • Your organization wants to implement an Environmental and Energy Management system and would like to identify a roadmap to achieve this goal
    • Your organization is expanding the scope of your Environmental & Energy Management System and needs to identify and align processes internally
    • Your organization is part of a sustainable supply chain, and it needs to implement Environmental & Energy Management systems in order to report and comply with legal requirements, customer requirements, and global reporting standards

    General Learning Objectives

    • Identify & map internal processes in line with main Environmental and Energy Management Standards (e.g. ISO 14001/50001)
    • Define steps to build Environmental & Energy Management Systems
    • Describe key elements for environmental performance, including lifecycle (circular economies), communication, and accountability

    P3 academy

    Main Focus

    Introduction to management systems – ISO 14001 and 50001
    • PDCA

    Process interaction
    • Process map

    Risk assessment
    • Aspect and impacts
    • Energy impacts

    The Environmental and Energy Policy

    Circular Economy

    Monitoring & accountability
    • Data reporting

    Communications and reports

    Target Group

    There are prerequisites to this course. To attend, you should have basic knowledge of the principles linked to quality management system.

    The training is relevant for the following target groups, among others:

    • EHS, Sustainability, Environmental, and Energy Managers and Support Team
    • Quality and Process Engineers
    • Design and Development Engineers


    2 days

    Further Information

    Participants: <20
    Languages: Spanish, English, French
    Mode: On-Site, Remote
    Pedagogy: Training enriched by real-experience examples & exercises; workshops
    Evaluation: Based on participants’ interaction and final evaluation

    Introduced Tools:
    • ISO 14001/50001 Standards
    • For USA: Department of Energy software tool
    • GRI standards
    • Cost benefit tool

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