SAFe® DevOps 6.0

SAFe® DevOps 6.0

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SAFe® DevOps 6.0


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    Timo ScharffLean-Agile Transformation Coach, Consultant & Trainer


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    Optimizing Your Value Stream

    Delivering valuable solutions faster doesn’t involve just engineers developing software. It involves introducing a shared DevOps mindset among all the people who define, build, test, deploy, and release software-driven products.

    The SAFe® DevOps course helps people in technical, non-technical, and leadership roles optimize their development value stream from end to end. Take this course with your entire cross-functional team to map your current value stream from concept to cash. Design a Continuous Delivery Pipeline that’s relevant to your business. And get the guidance and tools you need to work effectively in remote environments with distributed teams.

    Taking this course, you will not only benefit from theoretical knowledge, but also gain valuable insights into best-practices delivered by our dedicated trainers from their experience as consultants and agile coaches in the industry.

    As an official partner of Scaled Agile Inc., we are looking forward to welcoming you to the course!

    General Learning Objectives

    In this SAFe® DevOps course you will gain a comprehensive understanding of DevOps principles and practices. You will learn what DevOps is, why it is important to every role, and design a continuous delivery pipeline that is tailored to your business. You will learn how the DevOps mindset can help you foster synergies between disciplines and improve collaboration to enable continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of software. Furthermore you will be able to apply key concepts like CALMR (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measure, Recover) to ensure efficiency, quality and reliability in software development. The goal is to better align people, processes, and technologies across the enterprise to deliver value faster and continuously.P3 academy

    Main Focus

    • How to enable strategic business objectives with DevOps
    • What are the mindset, culture, and technical practices to successfully define, build, test, deploy, and release
    • How to integrate continuous exploration, integration and deployment, and release value on demand
    • How to incorporate continuous testing and continuous security into the delivery pipeline
    • How to use value stream mapping to measure flow and spot bottlenecks in the delivery pipeline
    • How to design and implement an actionable DevOps transformation plan tailored to your organization
    • How to evaluate and improve your current state using tools like the DevOps Health Radar and Transformation Canvas


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    Target Group

    Regardless of your experience, you are welcome to attend this course. First basic knowledge of agile concepts and principles is desirable, but not a must.

    The training is relevant for the following target groups, among others:

    • All members of an Agile Release Trains (ART)
    • Product- & Software-Developers
    • System Administrators
    • Managers & Executives
    • Business & Epic Owners


    Course duration: 3 days 5h each

    Language: German, English

    We will provide you with all important information about the training and the tools used in advance. In addition, you will receive the official SAFe® course workbook as an optimal preparation for the training and the certification exam.

    Further information regarding the certification

    Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive your personal and official SAFe® 5.1 DevOps Practicioner certificate from Scaled Agile, Inc. The additionally issued digital badge for use in social networks or your email signature underlines your acquired competence.

    • Exam format: multiple choice, web-based
    • Exam access: access to SAFe® Studio incl. one-year membership
    • Exam language: English
    • Exam period: 30 days after completion of the course
    • We will provide further information about the exam including examples for possible exam questions

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