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Creating human-centered experiences that last Marcus Grimm UX/UI Design P3 navigates organizations through the complex world of user experience by aligning user needs with business goals. With our expertise, we foster a deep understanding of today’s demanding consumers and deliver solutions that impress and inspire lasting joy.  Linkedin Envelope Bell YOUR BRIDGE BETWEEN PEOPLE AND […]

Intuitive Vehicles and Automotive User Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to discuss the latest user experience trends in the automotive sector with some fellow industry experts at the Intuitive Vehicle Conference in Stuttgart.Since then, several people have asked me about the contents of the discussion, so I decided to give you some insights on a couple […]

Quantum Leap for Information: the Polestar 2 tested by P3 Experts

The current user experience of many infotainment users in the vehicle is characterized by weaknesses: slow start-up behavior or system performance, outdated interfaces, or poor design, and sometimes no online functionalities at all. Lack of infotainment’s adaptability to one’s own habits, which is mostly shaped by smartphone use, also confronts users with the feeling that […]

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