Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving will fundamentally change our lives and travel as we know it today, P3 sets the course for a whole new world.

Core capabilities

  • Market Intelligence
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Business Case & Business Model
  • Technology & Platform Roadmaps
  • Pilot Projects Operationalization
  • Safe Vehicle Concepts & Approval

The fascination of autonomous driving – with P3.

Autonomous driving is no longer a dream of the future – and yet we are nowhere near as far along as we would like to be. On the one hand, this is due to the technologies, which are constantly evolving, and on the other hand, it is more complex to deal with legal aspects than initially assumed. On top of that, there is a quite confusing global market, which is only just emerging, with different circumstances, regulations and players.

At P3, we therefore approach autonomous driving from many different perspectives. We understand the markets, know the players, but also have the technological know-how and the necessary software expertise. The complexity of the field is what drives us – we support you from the functionality of the technology and new developments, to possible system architectures and sensors, to building organizations that want to compete in this market.

Advancing autonomous driving together

With our expertise from various industries, we at P3 work with you to develop the appropriate strategies and business models made possible by autonomous driving. We provide an overview in the relevant markets and use our comprehensive tool set for holistic business cases and TCO calculations, among other things, to create a sound basis for your plans, visions and investments. We also support you in finding the right partners with the help of our international network. And we accompany due diligence processes for you and develop models of ideal cooperation.

At the same time, we never lose sight of the technology and the users. Many people are still critical of autonomous driving. We deal with the safety and reliability of the products as well as the associated services to ensure reliable operation and increase trust and acceptance among people. Autonomous driving is only slowly gaining acceptance, but it is coming – and will score points in the long term with safety, comfort, sustainability and environmental friendliness.

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