Systems Engineering

From theory to implementation CHRISTIN SCHREIBER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING P3 has an experiential advantage when it comes to translating systems engineering theory into practice. With more than 20 years of experience in the development context, we offer customized solutions that not only exist on paper but also prove their effectiveness in the real world of OEMs […]

Artificial Intelligence

P3 takes you into the era of AI Lucas Bublitz Artificial intelligence P3 is at the forefront of the AI revolution, helping clients unlock the full potential of their data. Our expertise ranges from design to implementation and integration of AI across all systems, including working with leading technologies such as OpenAI and enabling the […]

Quality & Compliance

Shaping quality, ensuring compliance Bernd Schäfer Quality & Compliance As a consulting firm, we design product and process compliance for our clients and prepare them organizationally for the challenges of digitalization. From regulatory screening to technical implementation, we ensure compliance throughout the system and the entire product lifecycle.  Linkedin Envelope Bell REDEFINING QUALITY IN THE […]


Real progress requires more than just change Maria Franke Transformation At P3, we go beyond traditional change management to bring about real change. We develop tailor-made processes and form high-performance structures that ensure your organization’s long-term competitiveness and establish a culture of trust. With our approach to “Organizational Fitness,” we not only recognize opportunities but […]

Organizational Strategy

Strategy is the art of visualizing opportunities and shaping the future Laura Krauss Organizational STrategy At P3, we see an effective strategy as a dynamic route to lasting success. Through the right combination of market-leading knowledge and strategic adaptability, we help organizations survive in today’s environment and lead tomorrow. Our strategy development is based on […]

Agile Transformation

Agile working: as value-oriented, as simplified, as feedback-intensive as possible! Alexander Badini Agile Transformation In a world of constant change, agility is the new promise of stability. We understand that transitioning from traditional structures to agility is more than just a method – it’s a journey that requires courage, openness, and a strong partnership. At […]

Operational Excellence

HUMANITY MEETS TECHNOLOGY Maximilian Sura Operational Excellence Operational Excellence achieves its true power through advanced methods and technologies such as AI, the synergistic combination of human expertise, and a leadership culture based on trust and openness. The future lies in harmonizing the triad of human intuition, methodological competence, and technological precision to optimize processes, drive […]

Operational Excellence