Pressemitteilung: P3 ist Core Member des CharIN e.V
Press release: P3 is Core Member of CharIn e.V.

P3 is Core Member of CharIn e.V. – Commitment to enhance charging experience and promote electric mobility

Stuttgart / Munich / January, 9th 2020 – P3, an international management and technology consultancy, is core member of CharIN e. V. (Charging Interface Initiative e. V.) to increase reliability of EV charging based on the Combined Charging System (CCS). With more than 14 years of experience in electric mobility, P3 aims for a future-proof and cutting-edge charging technology to promote the market penetration of electric vehicles in the market and enable convenient charging and driving for customers.

On behalf of various automotive manufacturers, P3 is conducting charging interoperability tests in Europe, Asia and North America to enable a smooth market launch of new EV models. Within different customer projects, P3 offers holistic testing services based on relevant standards – from vehicle simulation to PLC tracing up to simulation of the charging station. Conclusive reports enable quick and effective troubleshooting. Furthermore, P3 is involved in the development of charging hardware and software solutions, ISO 15118 standardization and testing as well as the development of EV and charging-related business models. Over the years, P3 set up a comprehensive database with data on more than 700,000 public charging points by 400 CPO in some 70 countries worldwide and bases its judgements on solid market know-how.

“P3 is conducting interoperability tests since 2011 – meanwhile we gathered a vast cross-market and -standard experience on charging interoperability”, explains Johanna Heckmann, Head of Charging Infrastructure at P3. “Charging is one of the key aspects to enable electric mobility – the availability of high-quality and reliable charging infrastructure needs to be improved in the upcoming years.”

Christian Gehring, responsible for interoperability testing adds:

“According to our database of more than 4.000 charging sessions every 5th charging sessions failed – the majority of these failures is caused by the charging stations.”

P3 is convinced that joint standards and a holistic technical integration is key to improve the quality of charging infrastructure and therefore supports CharIN e. V. as a core member. P3 is looking forward to further cooperate with leading industry players such as OEM, Tier 1, energy suppliers, charge point operators and mobility service providers on a global level. P3 Interview

Interview with Christoph Theis

Company Split: After 23 years of combined success, the P3 founders will go separate ways.

Interview with Dr. Christoph Theis, co-founder and CEO of the consulting company P3


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Division of the brand P3

Stuttgart, 25th of October 2019 – The holding company with registered office in Aachen (HRB 6761) and its assigned subsidiaries have launched into the market today with the name “Umlaut”.

The Holding with registered office in Stuttgart (HRB 765912) and its assigned subsidiaries keep the brand “P3”.

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Aachen and Stuttgart, 25th of October 2019 – The holding with head office in Aachen (HRB 6761) and its assigned subsidiaries will appear as the brand “Umlaut” from 25th of October on. They will be reachable with the domain

The holding with head office in Stuttgart (HRB 765912) and its assigned subsidiaries will keep the brand “P3” and be available at (, as always

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