Agile Transformation

Agile working: as value-oriented, as simplified, as feedback-intensive as possible! Alexander Badini Agile Transformation In a world of constant change, agility is the new promise of stability. We understand that transitioning from traditional structures to agility is more than just a method – it’s a journey that requires courage, openness, and a strong partnership. At […]

The Magic of OKRs and how to enchant everyone with it

“There is magic in every beginning.” These famous words of Hermann Hesse are known worldwide. But only very few have ever been able to experience this magic themselves. Especially in the work environment, you often must deal with sober and extremely objective innovations. But here, too, magic can work. A good example of this is […]

Does all this seem Spanish to me? – An Interview on Lean Portfolio Management

Does all this seem Spanish to me? – An interview with Stella Büchele and Alexander Badini on the topic of Lean Portfolio Management and the answer to the question of what speaking Spanish has to do with the introduction of LPM. Hello Stella, hello Alex! It’s great that we have found each other today. I […]

Agile Banana: A crazy monkey story

At least as long as the banana has been crooked, the phrase has existed: “We’ve always done it that way.” This phrase haunts many companies and unfortunately all too often prevents progress and innovation. But where does this rationale for doing things the same (usually deliberately inefficient) way over and over come from? The best […]

Sabine Graupner