Battery Technology

Battery Technology

From raw materials to cell design, from supplier to module strategy, we are leaders in battery technology consulting.

Core capabilities

  • Li-Ion Batteries, All-Solid-State Batteries
  • Cell Design, Round Cell, Pouch Cell, Prismatic Cell
  • Cell Development
  • Raw Material Availability
  • Manufacturing Processes & Manufacturing Planning
  • Cost Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Investment Descisions

P3 has extensive competencies in the field of battery technologies:

From raw materials to installable batteries. With a team of more than 10 chemists and years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge in cell manufacturing and have the ability to develop and produce prototypical special cells. Our customers benefit from this in development projects.

At the strategic level, we provide advice on the supply of suppliers and raw materials and along the supply chain. For example, customers rely on our studies on raw material availability or develop raw material alternatives with us in the context of optimizing cell chemistry. Through cell cost benchmarks and P3’s own cost development forecast tools, our customers know in which cost frame cell production has to be realized.

In the field of cell production we deal with the supplier strategy, among other things. For this purpose, we have documented knowledge of globally active companies (supplier screening). If concrete production is required, we advise on the design, construction, and implementation of a cell factory, for example at a European location.

In-vehicle/development projects
we advise on the module strategy. Here the focus is on buildability, cost framework, safety, and performance. For battery cooling, we have cooling concepts that are already in series production.

At P3 you will find application-oriented expertise and technology know-how tailored to automotive and mobility applications.

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