Change Management

Change Management

Insight, perspective, vision

Core capabilities

  • Change check-up
  • Change roadmap
  • Operational change management
  • Multiplying change
  • Team empowerment
  • Change nuggets

Safety in uncertainty situations

Change is movement, movement is useful and necessary. The human being is our focus. We see people and their mindset as the pivot of all change.

Any opposition to an upcoming change no matter how minor – can be the cause of failure for the entire project.

Change Management clarifies these resistances and defines measures to ensure the success of the change project holistically on an emotional and factual scale.

Change Management is always meaningful if changes are to be anchored completely. In other words, not only on the factual level in the processes, resources and structures of an organization, but also emotionally in the attitude, behavior and mindset of the people affected.

Approach change

Our change management methods are based on classical systemic fields of competence including coaching, facilitating, project management, etc.

Nevertheless, P3 is very different in the mindset of our consultants. We follow, as guides and partners, these four principles:

-We are always connected to the aim and the people at any times, without losing focus.

– We have a roadmap, while remaining open and prepared for everything in the process at any time.

– We are the conductors of the system and intervene attentively, with sense and understanding.

-We never stop where the hard work of change begins: In the operational implementation of the transformation.

The change clears up with the past. Transformation builds the future. Together, we manage the transformation and make sure that every employee is picked up where he/she currently is.


Change Check-up
Continuous observation of change at the personal and system level

Coordinated procedure to achieve the desired transformation

Operational Change Management
Taking along, accompanying and tracking the change among the target groups

Multiplying Change
(network, key users, multipliers, lighthouses) Establishing a network that supports and pushes change

Team Empowerment
Empowering for change

Designing changes out of the team; Creating New Work- Aspects

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