Electric Powertrain

Electric Powertrain

P3 advises in the field of electrical powertrain development, strategically, processual and operationally, from OEM to supplier. P3 electrifies on three levels.

Core capabilities

  • Fuel Cell and Hydrogen
  • Technology Studies and Comparisons
  • Use Cases & Technical Viability
  • Cost Comparison
  • Function Analysis
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Thermo Management
  • Supplier Screening
  • Tear-Down Lab

Since 2008 P3 has been working on the topic of electric mobility.

We are involved in the development of many electric vehicles from German production and have co-developed strategies and business models for renowned charging infrastructure operators. In total, about 100 consultants are currently active in the field of electric mobility.

P3 understands the change towards electric mobility as a holistic requirement,

which requires a completely changed ecosystem. In addition to the technical transformation of drive systems, the provision of suitable charging infrastructure, as well as the development of suitable application scenarios and business models, is an important part of this comprehensive change process.

Accordingly, P3 is active in the area of an electric powertrain in many different ways.

Together with our customers we develop suitable module and drive strategies, advise on the development of 48V on-board network architectures, or dedicate ourselves to the topics of electric braking and on-board network.

On the process-related level, we advise on production processes,

both at our customers’ and their suppliers’ sites. Our continuous supplier screening enables our customers to open up new supply chains, thus reducing time and costs and increasing the quality of parts and products.

In addition, we have already set up a CO2 compliance model in 2016,

which will allow us to identify manufacturer-specific electrification quotas and, in sum, show how the market for electric mobility is developing in various regions of the world. This enables you as a customer to obtain a solid estimate of your CO2 emissions and avoid high penalty payments.

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