Semiconductor Management

Semiconductor Management

From Value Chain to Value Network - No Technology Leadership in 2030 without Strategic Partnerships with the Semiconductor Industry

Core competencies

  • Strategical, holistic consulting
  • Implementation of sourcing strategies
  • Technology consulting & roadmap
  • Design of operational business processes
  • Preventive & reactive supply assurance
  • Development of semiconductor databases
  • Re-evaluation of the semiconductor portfolio

Semiconductor management – We advise, secure supply, and design the supply chain

Semiconductors are the heart and soul of every electronic product used in our daily lives. They define the intelligence of vehicles, computers, and smartphones. Materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) are currently replacing the traditional silicon (Si) material in power electronics, for example, enabling more efficient and intelligent components (ECU). Comprehensive subsidy programs encourage semiconductor manufacturers to invest in new fabs to exploit locational advantages and reduce dependencies in a market currently concentrated in Asia.

Technological advantage with P3

As P3 we advise our customers in supplier selection and jointly define the long-term supply chain strategy to secure the technological lead.

The selection of the right semiconductors is crucial for developing and distributing products with the latest technology. A highly differentiated value chain with numerous players creates a complex environment. Therefore, it is part of our expertise to create the shoulder-to-shoulder connection between purchasing and development, to select and integrate the right strategic partners. Our customer portfolio includes IDMs, automotive OEMs, and their suppliers.

We specialize in strategic and operational challenges based on more than 20 years of supply chain experience. Our Operations & Supply Chain team combines strong expertise in supplier management as well as preventive and reactive supply assurance.

The semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry is on track to reach the trillion-dollar mark by 2030. Due to technological advancements and the proliferation of new technologies such as AI, the Internet of Things, and 5G, the semiconductor industry is at the heart of digital transformation.

It is said that the semiconductor industry is more complex than aerospace. The industry is characterized by more differentiated products and globally distributed process steps. Due to the high investments and long start-up times, new fabs are only profitable at 85% capacity utilization, assuming 24/7 production. This requires a high level of automation and efficient processes that allow a maximum of one defective part per billion produced. Exemplary of this is the increasing demand for smarter controls and more powerful semiconductors combined with future decentralized and climate-neutral energy management. In response to the 2020-2022 semiconductor crisis, support programs have been launched worldwide to build new semiconductor fabs to reduce dependence on global supply chains.

When selecting the right location, and the right partners in the value chain, we are ready to support you with our automotive experience in industrializing your projects or ramping up your manufacturing.

Services in the areas of Strategy, Operations, and Technology

We support your purchasing strategy with database, contract, and inventory management as well as market analyses. We optimize your supply chain. As part of our development strategy, we offer you the premise, portfolio modularization, re-design governance, and trend analysis. In addition, we support you in establishing strategic cooperation through mediation and negotiation.

Our operational services cover a broad spectrum to optimize your business processes. With our task force management, we specifically address challenges such as supplier enablement, and management of internal awarding or escalation processes towards semiconductor manufacturers. With our supplier risk monitoring and escalation management we minimize risks in your supply chain. Our re-design project management relies on standardized decision metrics and tools for efficient project execution.

Our technology-related services include detailed cost breakdowns, technology benchmarks, and manufacturing concept optimization.


15+different customers from automotive to energy

30-60% increase in resilience. Supercharging Supply Chains

30+successfully finished projects

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