P3 Charging Index – Asia

Comparison of the fast-charging capability of various battery electric vehicles Based on the presentation by Markus Hackmann at EVS37 in Seoul, Korea. Since 2019, P3 has been publishing the P3 Charging Index (P3CI) reports on the long-distance suitability of all-electric vehicles. By analyzing consumption data and charging curves, the P3CI accurately determines the time it […]

P3 Autonomous Driving Market Insights: MaaS, TaaS & Ownership

Market and competition analyses pursue various purposes: from an overview of the activities of competitors in different markets to decision support for management. To support companies in positioning and strategic alignment in the autonomous driving space, we offer our customers a wide range of innovative solutions and approaches: From market, competition and customer analyses to […]

Charging Prices in France – Report 10/23

As more and more drivers adopt electric mobility, Avere-France, in collaboration with P3 Group, unveils the first biannual report on public charging prices for electric vehicles. This report provides an in-depth view of pricing trends in the field of public electric charging in France, offering users essential information to understand the evolution of their expenses. […]

Is New Zealand ready for a Cross Country Trip with an Electric Vehicle?

Arne Bachmann, Senior Consultant P3 Group, explains the answer based on his research and personal experience after a three-week EV trip and nearly 3400km of driving across the North and South Islands of New Zealand. He describes New Zealand’s public charging infrastructure, his charging experiences, road traffic, encounters with other EV drivers, and common charging […]

P3 Wallbox Benchmark 2023

Home charging is a key factor for the successful transition to electromobility. While simple devices have been predominantly installed, the trend in private households has increased towards intelligent and networked models. In Germany, more than 270 providers have been added to the list of eligible charging stations by the promotional bank KfW, and new players […]

P3 Charging Index – Report 12/19

The new generation of electric vehicles that is suitable for long distances arrives with a possibility for ultra fast charging (more than 100 kW charging capacity) on the market. The competitive comparison of different electric vehicles is often simplified in this context by describing the ‘maximum charging capacity’. In the following we will show that […]

P3 Charging Index – Report 12/19