Award ceremony IDL 2016
+++Top News II Juni 2016+++

P3 initiates the first innovation prize in German aerospace - IDL

The award ceremony for the very first innovation prize in German aerospace took place in Berlin on May 31, 2016. More than 100 invited guests from the aerospace industry and the air transport industry accepted the invitation and celebrated the prize winners together with P3.
MIC Detroit_P3_v2
+++Top News June 2016+++

New P3 Mobility Innovation Center in Detroit

P3 unveiled its Mobility Innovation Center (MIC) in Southfield, Michigan that serves as the North American automotive headquarters. The MIC is dedicated to the research and development of new and advanced technology solutions to address the dynamic changes in the industry.
+++Top News April 2016+++

Wireless Performance, personalized.

Forget about vague coverage maps. What matters is the coverage 'U get'. Join the global community of smartphone users who understand their personal wireless performance, while contributing to the world’s most comprehensive picture of the mobile customer experience.

+++Top News February 2016+++

The elevator business discovers P3.

A leading elevator manufacturer commissioned P3 to take over some key functions in its major strategic global offensive efforts.

+++Top News December 2015+++

P3 project recovery goes wide!

Growing complexity - no matter whether it’s in your products, your processes, or your organization - will lead to greater challenges. This isn’t just true for manufacturers. Suppliers feel the same pressure.

+++Top News October 2015+++

Reorganization concluded successfully.

Often, a good concept just isn't enough when you’re trying to do something big: in this case, changing the structure of an organization. Sometimes it’s not what you say – it’s how you say it. Solid consulting can make all the difference for clients undergoing transitional processes.
+++Top News August 2015+++

Crowd testing of German mobile networks has begun.

We’ve been testing mobile networks for many years. You might have seen reporting on our tests in “connect” magazine. In the past few weeks, however, we’ve been doing the same work with less than half of our former vehicle fleet.

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