+++Top News August 2017+++

P3 evaluates cost saving potentials within the NATO

In an attempt to reveal the cost reduction potential by implementing Configuration Management, a Configuration Management Study was launched by NATO in cooperation with P3 group in 2012. Configuration Management is the process of managing products by managing their requirements...
E-Mobility with P3
+++Top News Juni 2017+++

P3 joins CharIN e.V.

To further develop the Combined Charging System (CCS) together, P3 has become core member of CharIN e. V. The aim is to enable optimized electromobility for everybody with a functioning network of charging stations and smooth charging.
CharIN e.V. is a widespread alliance of automotive OEMs, Tier1 and industry groups that was created to develop and establish the CCS as the standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles.
+++Top News April 2017+++

P3 innovates the secure future of European energy infrastructure – SUCCESS

Recent years have witnessed developments in renewable energy, electromobility and citizens who have moved from being consumers to prosumers with far more repercussions for key utility providers than ever before. This smarter, more decentralized, yet more connected electricity system is posing a challenge for the European energy infrastructure. P3 will address those challenges, in the research project SUCCESS – Securing critical energy infrastructure, a team of 16 leading partners from industry, academia and utilities.
P3 aero systems
+++Top News February 2017+++

P3 will influence the next generation of InFlight Entertainment & Connectivity.

Passengers expect state-of-the-art communication systems in aircraft cabins. Their expectations for functionality and performance of telephone and internet services often exceed the capacity of the aircraft systems and services currently provided.
Machine Learning and BigData
+++Top News December 2016+++

P3 achieves the error pattern turbo

Machine-Learning and BigData are the buzzwords in everybody's mouths at the moment. However, very few actually manage to employ the new technologies profitably to optimize processes in practice. A team of quality experts, data specialists and statisticians from P3 automotive has now achieved the breakthrough in automobile field data analysis.
Mobile Benchmark Top News October 2016
+++Top News October 2016+++

Mobile networks in the endurance test

For more than 15 years, P3 has been testing the networks of mobile phone operators around the world. In 2016 alone, we examined the mobile networks for our customers in more than 40 countries. In addition, we carry out independent network tests in a further 8 countries. We determine the test winner and publish the results regularly as the P3 mobile benchmark.
+++Top News June 2016+++

New P3 Mobility Innovation Center in Detroit

P3 unveiled its Mobility Innovation Center (MIC) in Southfield, Michigan that serves as the North American automotive headquarters. The MIC is dedicated to the research and development of new and advanced technology solutions to address the dynamic changes in the industry.

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