Top 10 influencing factors on the eTruck charging market

The transition towards electrification in the automotive industry, driven by both regulatory mandates and manufacturers‘ internal targets, particularly affects the eTruck sector. In response to EU fleet emission targets and OEM electrification goals, there is a pressing need for the expansion of charging infrastructure to support the increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs). The EU’s […]

The global battle for technological leadership in the semiconductor industry

Understanding the geopolitical dynamics shaping technological leadership and the global semiconductor power struggle Semiconductors are the foundation of modern electronic devices, from smartphones to cars, making the industry essential. However, geopolitical tensions can disrupt supply chains, production capabilities, and innovation strategies. As security concerns, trade restrictions, and subsidies influence semiconductor development, the concentration of production […]

Navigating the Nearshoring Journey: a Roadmap to Success in Mexico

written by P3 and Zeitgeist Consulting GmbH In today’s competitive global landscape, nearshoring has emerged as a strategic approach. It refers to the strategic relocation of business activities and production processes to geographical proximity. In particular, Mexico presents an appealing option for Nearshoring, especially for businesses focusing on the markets of the United States and Canada. Nearshoring offers numerous […]

Challenges & perspectives for future aviation e-powertrain concepts

Electric powertrains are widely seen as a game-changer in the aviation industry, offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional aircraft. Manufacturers have been exploring the incorporation of electric powertrains in aircrafts as a possible remedy for the environmental impact of conventional engines. While various challenges lie ahead, such as battery technology and energy density, […]

Decarbonization of Aviation

The energy transition and decarbonization of various industries pose a significant challenge for our generation. While automotive industry already is in full transition, aerospace is still in the early stages of implementing decarbonization strategies. The need for green energy, infrastructure, and technology is immense, requiring decisive actions. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) are one key enabler […]

Assessing Thailands Readiness for Electric Mobility

EVALUATING THE CHARGING EXPERIENCE OF DIFFERENT CHARGE POINT OPERATORS AND THEIR EV CHARGING SERVICES. This whitepaper provides an overview of the current state of the charging infrastructure in Thailand based on a user experience centred assessment of different charge point operators (CPOs) and their EV charging services. Furthermore, it includes a comprehensive summary of the […]

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Teaser Paper

The market for automated semiconductors is growing. Buzzwords such as faster, more productive and more sustainable are becoming increasingly important. The question is: how can you take advantage of the changes in the market? This is where silicon carbide (SiC) plays a major role. It is much more than just another material on the automotive […]

Market Ramp-Up of Electric Vehicles: Charging Points in France until 2030

UPDATE 2022 We have updated our whitepaper on the market ramp-up of EV & charging points in France until 2030 to consider the development of this fast-changing market in 2021. Therefore, we added the data for 2021 on the status quo of the EV market in France (e.g. new registrations of EVs, public charging points, […]

Predictive Maintenance in Cell Manufacturing

Master Thesis by Markus Kreilinger The increase in battery production, including numerous “gigafactories”, implies inevitable improvement in manufacturing efficiency and productivity. The need for reduced downtime and maintenance expenses is a critical aspect for manufacturers in a competitive market. Predictive maintenance is the key for enhanced condition monitoring and fault prediction of equipment. This allows […]

Semiconductor Management – Microcontroller Units (MCUS)

Current market development & implications for the automotive industry Microcontroller Unit (MCU) lead times are currently twice as high as the market average for semiconductors. This is mainly due to a front-end bottleneck with ~90% of the market being controlled by the top 5 MCU designers. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) alone holds ~70% of […]

Smart Charging: the upcoming Revolution of Electric Vehicle Economics

IMPROVED Corporate Finance and P3 are delighted to publish their co-authored white paper on the most recent market developments and investment activity in Smart Charging: “Smart Charging: The Upcoming Revolution of Electric Vehicle Economics Amsterdam | Stuttgart (January 20th, 2022) Enhanced integration of EV charging in a smart and connected environment will become a key […]

Teleoperation – Cost Efficiency through driverless Logistics

Teleoperation – the remote control of vehicles via mobile network – already today offers a promising efficiency potential. This technology finds profitable applications both in the development of autonomous vehicles and in the execution of standardized driving tasks. For this reason, P3 and FERNRIDE are announcing their cooperation to develop a customer-oriented “teleoperation-as-a-service“ business model. […]

Teleoperation – Cost Efficiency through driverless Logistics